Providing Professional Equipment Leasing Services

Why it works

With friendly and turn-key service, Trident Leasing takes every measure to simplify the equipment leasing process. We know your time is valuable and limited. Trident’s focus is to save you time and the frustration spent comparing competitive financing rates. This is why Trident leasing professionals do their homework beforehand and strive to find you the best rates for your leasing project. We look forward to an opportunity to work with you and show you why equipment leasing works!

• Conserve capital:

Leasing allows you to conserve cash and leverage up the buying power of your operating or capital budgets.

When capital is conserved by equipment leasing, it can then be directed for other company needs.

• Preserve lines of credit:

Borrowing from the bank reduces lines of credit. A lease is not a loan but rather a new credit source.

This allows for an improved credit rating and borrowing capability for your company to grow its business.

• 100% Flexible Financing:

Fixed rate financing is structured to accommodate the specific need of your business.

The 100% financing from Trident includes at times shipping, installation, and set-up as well as a minimum down payment.

• No prepayment of taxes:

Federal (GST) and Provincial (PST) taxes are paid upfront on new purchases. In equipment leasing, the two taxes are factored into the monthly payments thereby, saving this cash for other uses.

• Tax Benefit:

With equipment leasing companies can expense their monthly lease payment. Whereas, financing through a bank, only the interest can be expensed along with the amortization in the balance sheet. Companies can then better match revenues with expenditures by paying for the equipment while it is used to generate revenue.

• Keep Competitive:

Unlike a new purchase, equipment leasing allows for upgrade and trade-up options. Your company can continue
to take advantage of the latest technology and maintain its ability to compete with greater productivity.

Trident is here to listen and help. Contact us to discuss your equipment leasing requirements.